Our Innovation 

As an ambitious and innovative university, our research is designed to have real-world impact on society and contribute to our mission of Creating Better Futures. AMM Research University will deliver research which tackles a number of global challenges through its 3 challenge-led, interdisciplinary research centres.

1. Centre for Business in Society

Through understanding the impact of organisations’ activities, behaviours and policies, the Centre for Business in Society (CBiS) at AMM Research University seeks to promote responsibility, to change behaviours, and to achieve better outcomes for economies, societies and the individual.

2. Centre for Healthcare Research

The Centre for Healthcare Research seeks to enable academic and clinical healthcare leaders, educators and researchers to develop and lead research across the healthcare sector for universities and partners, creating the key links between research, practice and education to make a difference to patient care at local, national and global level. Through the combination of academic and clinical expertise, the centre supports skilled, compassionate, effective health care and best patient outcomes, through excellence in research and development, innovation and enterprise, education, capacity building and leadership

2. Centre for Government Excellence

Our vision is of a world better led, a world better served and a world better governed. We are a global centre committed to improving the quality of government and public policymaking worldwide. We pursue this through research, teaching and engagement that is led by the needs of governments and the people they serve.